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Prayan is the most advanced web development company in Trivandrum, India. We focus on overseas and offshore web development, accessing and interacting with the global market. We make sure that all of the software we develop is fully functional and accessible to every potential customer, in every potential country. Our innovative and talented staff can work alongside you from start to finish, helping to come up with ideas, and then put them into practice. Often it’s the smallest ideas which can grow to become cross platform marketing campaigns. Our experts will let you know exactly what’s within reach, and how to get there too.

Why choose Prayan?

Our history of successful website builds, app developments, and marketing strategies has put us in a position where we can happily say with surety that choosing Prayan is the right move for your business. If you’ve got a business that’s already established,you’re looking to revamp or rebrand your image,


just give it a polish, or a little modernization,or if you’re just starting off and looking to build something amazing, then Prayan is the website design service for you. But a website is the first step of a process that can be as long as you want it to be. With our eyes constantly roving the limits of tech capabilities, we’ll keep delivering and building the most cutting edge web apps, Android apps, and iOS apps that we can to make sure that you never miss a lead. Our marketing team is always developing new strategies to utilise new technologies, so whether you’re a carpenter or a rocket scientist, you’ll always have the best that the web development world had to offer - that is, if you choose Prayan.

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