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HybridApp Development

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Hybrid App Development

At Prayan Infotech , we are highly experienced in creating hybrid app solutions that work across multiple operating systems and device platforms We are able to manage just any requirements placed by you no matter the scale or complexity of your project. If you are looking for a hybrid mobile app development company then Prayan Infotech with vast expertise in consumer and enterprise mobile applications, will help develop the right hybrid app solution for your business. Hybrid mobile applications are developed using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, then put inside a native app shell such as Ionic. These native containers run the web application code and package it into an app which then runs as a locally installed app on the device.

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Hybrid app development needs mostly only one code base for multiple platforms. A hybrid mobile app developer can build it once and then using a bridging technology such as Ionic, submit the app to all platforms (iOS, Android or Windows.) Reach a wider audience by combining the best of both worlds. Avoid the extra time developing the same app for each platform. Cross-platform apps can be immediately distributed between app stores as they are easier and faster to develop and deploy. Also skip the costs associated with developing two different versions for Android and iOS.

Why to choose hybrid for building your mobile app?

There are some important points to be considered when you are going for Hybrid platform for building your mobile app?

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  • Reduced Development Costs: Building a hybrid mobile app is relatively cheaper than native apps. In the market research, the demand for mobile apps increases where people tend to for technologies that produce their products in less time and low budget. With the introduction of Xamarin and PhoneGap, hybrid app developers can submit the app to various app stores to apparently save both time and cost
  • Improved UI/UX: A consistent user experience across multiple mobile platforms that is being responsive is one of the main reasons behind hybrid app’s popularity. The load time of hybrid mobile apps tends to be very less even-though if it carry more graphics and data.
  • Ease of Integration: Hybrid apps enables easy integration with third part systems of applications thus reducing the integration issues for developers. It works well with the device’s native applications such as camera, messaging, GPS, etc. giving users a better user experience
  • Simplified Maintenance: Unlike a web application, a hybrid app is designed to make use of all the features that are available in the mobile device. This makes hybrids applications to have flexibility and scalability under maintenance.


A mobile app is an imperative tool for every enterprise to penetrate into the market and increase their brand value. Hybrid apps are the best solution which makes the task much easier. If you too are looking to capitalize through a hybrid app of your own, our doors are open to hear and help you to develop your Hybrid Mobile Application.

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