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iphone App Development

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i phone App Development

Prayan Infotech Pvt Ltd is a full-service iOS app development company who provide services that cover the entire development cycle, from concept to launching the product. With the proven agile methodology and in-house talent, we deliver our customers quality product satisfying all the requirements they wished. Our team of IOS expert developers makes your dream app idea into real product.

IOS Development Approach

  • Specialized IOS Developers
  • Custom Development Process
  • End to End Services
  • App Store Deployment
  • Maintenance And Support


We are Expert in

  • Swift
    Multiparadigm complied programming language developed by Apple is the most powerful and versatile language for IOS, MacOS and WatchOS. Our IOS developers has proven their expertise in developing apps using swift for Phones, iPads etc.
  • Objective C
    This is one of the essential program utilized by many mobile app development company. Our developers are well versed in both Objective C and Swift, which we use wherever applicable.
  • X Code
    An integrated development environment for MacOS which contains a bulk of software development Tools for developing software for MacOS, IOS etc.
  • Test Flight
    Test Flight allows to test mobile applications before we release the product in appstore.I’ts simple to test the application just by uploading the beta version of your application. Our developers use the updated versions which makes Prayan Infotech the best Iphone App Development Company in India.

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