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In a time where everything is at the click of a button, effective digital marketing is absolutely imperative for success. The key to digital marketing is getting your brand, your name, and your products in front of customers as easily as is possible for them. Statistics prove that very, very few people look past the first page on a search engine for a result. As such, it’s supremely important to make sure that when people are looking for you, or someone like you, that you place top of the list. Prayan specialise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Brand Building, Email Marketing, and all the other nuanced features that go to putting your business at the top of the page. Our ROI figures are impossible to ignore, and we have successfully placed dozen of businesses at the top of the SERP ladder for their target markets.


Digital Marketing Services

Per per click can be a great way to raise brand awareness quickly. By investing a sum of money of your choosing, we can effectively put together a targeted marketing campaign outfitted with banner ads, image ads, Facebook and Twitter ads, as well as targeting Google, and other marketplaces. Our marketing and remarketing schemes generate leads from sources that you’ve already marketed in, as well as those you haven’t, converting leads that have already been missed. Our YouTube, mobile, and Email marketing schemes are proven to hit target audiences and inspire interest and clicks. We’re the top digital marketing agency in India, and as such, we have a constant line on where the market is, and where it’s heading, making sure that we always put your ads where the most traffic is. By not tying yourself to any specific platform, we’re able to adapt and mould our schemes to any business, allowing us to effectively get any message to any audience, which means sound return on your investment.

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