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Website Design Trends 2017


Website Design trends are changing tremendously due to the advanced technology and user needs. 2016 was a wonderful year for all the developers and the users because the website design trends have come up with unique ideas. Here we move on with some interesting and promising trends named as Website Design Trends 2017.

Visual appearance with flexible Design

Flexible designs are those sections arranged in a much easier way to interact with the website and this is to be continued from 2016 to 2017 and so on. Visual appearance should be clean and neat. It is a major factor. There is no compromise regarding the same.

Type Setting and Colours are bold

It is another special feature of trending websites.  Bold letters make a sense as they are more readable and attractive. Also the images used in the websites including some animations are more attractive and it is one of the most highlighting features of current trending websites.

Reduce the use of parallax Website

The feature parallax is one of the default trends for websites .This one is to vanish because of the side effects with SEO. The parallax feature is that the position and the direction of objects seem to be different when they are viewed from different angles.  Now a day’s website doesn’t show this parallax feature. Yet it is not completely avoided since it is useful for some sections for the visual treat.

These are some of the new trends of the website trends in 2017. Creative thinkers are likely to try more and create lively looking new websites.  2017 seems to be a productive year ahead for launching new websites to the market.

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Posted by Prayan Aug 2, 2017

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