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Web RTC Real-Time Communication Between Browsers


An open-source free software that infuses Real-time communication capabilities into browsers and mobile applications. It allows user with similar browsers to interact each other via voice, text and video. The reason to go behind Web RTC are many;

1 Open Source Code: This is an open source code developed by Google but is supported in almost all the browsers Firefox, Yandex, Opera. This communication media uses the peer to peer technology for data transfer.

2 Secure And Stable: Among all other plugins available in the market, Web RTC is the best choice. This technology is still under development and enhancement to remove the existing disadvantages.

3 Supporting SIP Solutions: SIP solutions has also started emerging in the industry. Web RTC related projects allows to create networks that enables to transfer multimedia content.

4 Better Sound Quality: Because of the special feature of adjustable built-in microphone settings, this technology provides better sound quality. It uses G7.11 and Opus codes for the transfer of audio files.

5 Supported by Leading Windows browsers: The main advantage of this is the compatibility across all the windows browsers including Chrome, Opera beta, Yandex and Firefox. Web RTC API is available as C++ library that allows third party developers to use the technology in independent solutions.

Web RTC offers reduced production costs. It’s possible to use Web RTC with cloud computing elements which makes it valuable for business. It has a high impact on the customer care market, to provide web based chat to provide best in customer experience.

If you’d like to know more about the real time communications using Web RTC, our expert developer are here to help and integrate it wherever applicable.

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Posted by Prayan Aug 31, 2018

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