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Software Development Trends to look out in 2019


Have a quick look back to the year 2018 to have quick turn-around of the technologies you heard, experienced and worked on. It’s guarantee that the count won’t be a single digit.

It’s a well-known and real factor that any technology can fade in no time with the rapid enhancements in the existing and emergence of highly advanced technologies. To run behind the technology, you ears and eyes should be sharp enough to catch up with all the changes and rises taking place in each and every seconds.

So, from the top trends in 2018 which will take a higher power and advanced pitch are;

Artificial Intelligence;

AI also called as Thor’s Hammer is getting involved in each and every corners covering all the areas of span. It’s now trending as the key driver of digital transformation. By the year 2019, AI will be used by more than 40% of the companies to automate their business.

The result of AI will provide high quality services enhancing better customer experience. AI will penetrate into areas like big data, home automation, smartphones, Industries etc.

If you are a developer or an entrepreneur then AI is something you can focus your eyes opened.

 Blockchain Technology;

Blockchain got engaged with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but it’s not limited to those two. There are much more areas Bloch chain will take picture into. A peer to peer network storing data or information in a highly secured and non-modifiable way. Bloch chain has a wide scope in Supply chain, Hospitals, Banks. Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle has started putting efforts in Block-chain.

Progressive Web Application;

PWA started its journey in 2017 and it’s now clear that PWA will continue its trend in 2019 too. PWA gives user a better user experience and feel similar to native mobile applications.

If you are looking to build a progressive web application, Prayan Infotech is the best Progressive web application development company in India providing quality PWA services.

So, it’s time for developers, entrepreneurs and start-up companies to look for and decide a better path to move on to the year 2019.

Posted by Prayan Dec 27, 2018

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