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Serverless Application – An era without Back-end


Serverless Application are application that relies on the support of third party sources. Third part sources act as backend as a services or containers which act as function as a service. In general serverless applications doesn’t mean that they doesn’t have a back-end in turn they are application which doesn’t need a dedicated server to run the application.

The main third party sources that provide services for creating serverless applications are Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Do you know why Serverless Application has a much scope in the development world?

Main important point to stand out is the development cost and Time. Integration with the ready made third party services reduces the development time of building an applications and thereby directly reflecting in reduced development cost.

Not only it has impact in the development cost and time but also it helps in reducing the complexity of application when implemented as a micro service.

The application which exist without backed services or applications that relies on third party services is trending more in the software world. The top noted benefits in using serverless applications are;

Decreased Time to Launch: Serverless applications are released in the market with a less project development duration. Since, there is nothing to develop in the back-end long-term projects are now launched in the market in days or hours.

Lower Cost: Developing Serverless applications takes out computer power and man power which directly reduces the cost. Developing an application with low cost budget is what is going to raise rank in the technology world that is with Serverless application.

Serverless applications are going to achieve a great advanced scope in building applications. Do you have a plan to build applications the, it’s the time to change to serverless applications. It’s also considered as a better option that increases the speed of application development with a decrease in the lack of flexibility and efficiency in all the stages of implementation.

So, get your application developed with hours or days to conquer the weeks and months we used to take as earlier. With the available third party APIs like OAuth, Twitter, Maps and much more you are to near to build applications.

Looking to build an application in low cost and time then Prayan Infotech pvt Ltd is the one step solution for building your serverless applications.

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Posted by Prayan Jan 16, 2019

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