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Quick Tips for New Android App Developers


We spend a lot of our time every day on applications. It has become an essential part of one’s life. We rely on it for various things. Applications have made lots of our daily activities easy and simple. Android Developer seems to be one of the demanding jobs because of this. So if you are a budding developer, here are a few simple tips you should keep in mind while making an android app.

Be updated with the latest trends
The users today have high expectations on any app they download. With the advances in technology it is imperative that you are on top of the latest in mobile app development.

Understand the need of your users
For an app developer understanding the needs of the user is of paramount importance. Listen to what your users have to say about your app. This helps you in making the adjustments that make your app even more successful. Always remember that we humans appreciate being heard

Design-This could make or break your app
With over two million apps available in Google Play, design is the key thing that makes your app stand out from the rest of the crowd. You need not know everything about design; Google is there to help you out with the same. Make sure to update your app with the latest design trends in the market.

Kick self-doubt out of the window
If you don’t believe in your idea of the app, it is highly unlikely that anyone else will. You have developed the app to address a certain business problem there is a lot of thought that has gone into developing the app doubting your idea will only create more issues than it solves.

Keep it simple, Stupid.
Think of the apps that have made it big. What do they all have in common? They are all the manifestation of simple ideas. Your app should be. The user interface anything too complex can drive away your users. So the best and easiest thing to do is to keep your app simple.

Finally the most important thing is to have fun, if you are having fun app development will feel like a hobby and not a chore!
Happy Developing!

Posted by Prayan Feb 10, 2018

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