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Nov 24, 2018

Make the Development Phase easier with Vue.js

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An open source Javascript Framework Vue.JS is making the development phase easier in building user interfaces and single page applications. Combine Vue.js with Node.js in the back-end to With Vue.js to make the task get done with less time with free of bugs.

Vue.js is found to be the best among both the frameworks. It has inherited various properties from its predecessors, and thus it was the best framework of 2018.

What makes Vue.js outstanding?

Being inherited from AngularJS. Vue.js is having everything that Angular too have without being involving anything extra in it.


When compared with other Frameworks, Vue.js is very simple in both Design and building APIs. A developer can make the work done in a day with the more advanced structures of the Framework.

Runtime Performance

Vue.js provides a better Runtime time performance. When compared to AngularJS, the runtime value is found to be very less. Increase in the number of visitors makes the process low for AngularJS.

Modularity and Flexibility

It provides a flexible package of web template hence making the work of coder easy. Those who feel lazy with coding, Vue.js is a better solutions providing with flexible and modular replacement without restricting access to CSS, linting etc.

Directives vs. Components

There exists an in-depth difference between both directives and components. It has an own data logic and view with the components being self-sufficient elements.

At Prayan, we focus on making the work easier and delivering end-result to the client without no more delay using Vue.js. Are you looking to build a web page easily and fast, our Vue.js Experts will develop the best of products.

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