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Major Reasons to Choose React


With a surfeit of frameworks available these days, it’s worst hard to find a framework that will ultimately not become a dead end for any development. That’s where the power of React JS stands. The main reasons why React stands out are;

  1. Versatility:

The most exciting things about React is its versatile nature , which gives  programmers the way to  build applications  across multiple platforms without any limitations in web, mobile, desktop and other devices. Thus react is been known as a “learn once, write anywhere” approach in building your software. Here at Prayan Infotech we’ve seen our clients returns back with their products with full satisfaction which makes our work easier with React

We at Prayan use, React Native code to publish your app as both an iOS and Android app which makes our developers more flexible to move from building a web app to a mobile app.

In the past, we build “hybrid” mobile apps using web technologies and various frameworks, with limited functionality and poor performance. But with the emergence of React, it allows you to build apps that are indistinguishable from those built in Objective-C, Swift or Java.

  1. Component Re-usability:

Re-usability is one of the common buzzword in software engineering which is promised by variety of Frameworks. At Prayan , we choose React as it is because of it’s component model which  provides a good starting point for code reuse. React provides a component based structure and components are your lego pieces. You start with tiny components like button, checkbox, drop down etc. and then you create wrapper components composed of those smaller components.

Each component decides how it should be rendered with its own internal logic. These components can be re-used wherever you need. With this feature, we develop apps with consistent look and feel, easier to maintain and grow your code base, and easier to develop your app.

  1. Clean Abstraction:

One of the powerful reason to use React is its clean abstraction feature without exposing complex internals to the user. To get it abstracted you only need to understand the life cycle of a component, its states and props to master React to accomplish everything you need. With the Flux architecture, React which plays only with the view layers makes you easier to build any application with a clean abstraction.

  1. React is Extremely Efficient

React proves to be extremely efficient among all the frameworks by creating a virtual DOM for the components. This achieves amazing performance and higher flexibility by calculating the changes to be done in DOM in advance which does updates in efficient manner. This virtual DOM attains high performance for the applications you build.

We have read all the best features of React, but the main point however, is to go with the software that is the right tool for the problem at hand.

React obviously has a lot to offer. Here at Prayan Infotech we like it because it helps us solve problems for our clients better than the alternatives.

Do you want to know more about React, then write up your queries to  info@prayaninfotech.in or reach out to @ 9526573955.

Posted by Prayan May 3, 2018

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