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Oct 23, 2018

Learn to connect your Cloud and Hybrid Application

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Everyone is looking to interconnect the application they build? Do you think it is possible to integrate entirely different applications?

Every business is looking for a reliable and trust worthy platform to integrate their applications. With the word “Integrate” what it is going to do. The main criteria to integrate is to find a single product for integration which makes your work easier. You need to have an integration point that will enable

  1. Build cloud-native apps that integrate API, System and Web.
  2. Build event-driven micro services that supports API-led applications and services

So, to integrate your Hybrid applications with cloud, you need to focus mainly on.

  1. Determine Cloud Deployment Model for applications and Data

Identifying the right application for deployment is the critical first step in using Hybrid applications.

  • Hosted private cloud
  • Public cloud

The right decision is directly proportional to flexibility, security, speed, automation, cost, locality, service levels, and system inter dependencies.

  1. Integrate with existing enterprise solutions:

With the deployment of new cloud services, its critical to connect with other non-premises applications

  1. Identify the components in cloud services which can access applications and data with API management
  2. Identify the administration and business aspects of the integration and as well as the functional Integration of the system.

3. Address Connectivity Requirements:

 Hybrid cloud customers should carefully assess the connectivity requirements

  1. Consider the use of network virtualization
  2. Check the connectivity features whether it supports resilience and disaster recovery requirements.

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