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Languages Used For Ios App Development


Web programming is the digital art of cyberspace designing. It involves the skill of coding, markup, and writing of web content. It provides effective interaction between a Web server and client in the process of network security and scripting. The major concern in web development is the programming language being used; it may perhaps be JavaScript, Python, CSS or other dynamic programming languages, all competent enough in the discipline of app development, particularly android application development. However, when it comes to iOS application development, there is little liberty and more complications.

A programming language acts as a medium through which instructions are relayed to a mechanical device to execute the desired function. The most popular ios app development languages are:

Objective C: One of the earliest application developing languages, capable of providing object-oriented designing along with a dynamic runtime. It essentially follows syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements of C, thus, is classified as a superset of c programming languages. Objective C has proved to be useful in the scaling of apps on different Apple devices.

Swift: a pioneer iOS programming language comprises the expertise of both, Objective C and C programming languages. It is optimized to yield maximum benefit from hardware devices. Based on modern programming languages, swift can overcome common programming errors by default. Such as checking for out-of-bound mistakes in array indices or initializing variables before use, checking for integer-overflow, memory management, recover useful data after a fortuitous failure, and Options to ensure careful handling of nil values.  Due to its modern features, Swift has been able to mitigate the extensive process of ios web development to a great extent.

OCamel (Objective Camel); is an ios programming language aimed to provide better web security along with expressiveness. Its key initiative was to prevent mistakes and errors which used to cost billions to an industry. Therefore, it has an advanced error checking system. Though it is simple to use, it is versatile in its set of libraries and development tools which is also why it is used as a teaching web programming language.

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Posted by Prayan May 16, 2018

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