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iPhone Latest Version 2017


One of the key features that make iPhone so competitive in the market is the innovation of Apple Inc. No surprise, all the technology enthusiasts are always looking forward to the next iPhone version. This especially applies to iOS application development companies in India that are dedicated to providing high-quality app development services. After all, having an extensive knowledge of the features of latest iPhone version is very important to continue meeting customers’ demands in the dynamic marketplace.


The latest next-generation version of iPhone, iOS 11 has been released on September 19, 2017.  In iOS 11 we see subtle changes in design especially important UI elements and control center. Control center now includes the bubble-style icons. Also, it now takes full display instead of half because of the wider range of available options. 3D Integration with control center has been enhanced as well. The lockscreen and notification center has been merged with one entity now and swiping down brings the lockscreen.


As with iteration iOS, Siri gets improved, same is the case this time. Siri has more natural male and female voices which learns with how you use it. What makes it smarter is cross-device Siri syncing but as usual apple kept privacy in mind and this syncing is end to end encrypted. Siri learns how you use your device, what you type, what you search for, what you read etc. and uses it to optimize device and predict what you might need next.

App Development

Along with a different look of App Store, iOS app development has been changed as well and developers have more options this time like highlight new in-app purchases and levels which will notify the users about it. There’s a new feature that will delete the unused apps after a while but keep the files and data safe in case app is reinstalled. For better control over location services, there is an option of using location services only when the app is being used. New ARKIT API has been developed by Apple for developers which is designed to allow the developers to create high quality augmented reality apps by taking advantage of all the sensors and cameras in iPhone. The ability to identify surfaces like the table and then adding virtual objects can be improved and graphics can be improved by blending digital objects with real-world elements.

While keeping all these new updates in iPhone’s latest version, Prayan Infotech is here to provide all your iOS app development solutions. Contact us today to discuss your business needs with us!

Posted by Prayan Oct 28, 2017

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