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How Digital Twins foster innovation in IoT-enabled environments


Digital twins are the dynamic twins which represents the software model of a physical thing that relies on sensors data to understand its behavior. These have the profound impact on the design and engineering of product iterations. It potentially accounts for the whole system or a service which keeps track of all the information about a system you need to make a better decision making process.

Digital Twins takes a great entry in the IOT field which makes the IOT Technology grow with a better advancements. The results produced will be unpredictable by taking pre-emptive steps to avoid downtime and thereby improving productivity.

Improvement to increase the lifespan of Machines

Digital Twins helps to detect and analyse the aging of a machinery. The powerful sensors attached collects data about factors which contribute to the aging factors like environmental conditions, usage, power consumption (or input) and alerts the users to make necessary modifications in-order to increase the lifespan of machines.

Generate a Higher Growth in the Revenue

Downtime of machines are an important criteria in the revenue decline. With the introduction of Digital Twins, downtimes came into a manageable value, avoided unpredictable faults, improved productivity and an increased machine life span. This will result in the drastic decrease in the operational cost to fetch an improved revenue.

Key takeaways

The key factor for all the technology is the Data they collect that and the output they produce. With digital twins, its key point of work is the comprehensive data which is collected at every point of time, start from the installation, working and interaction with other machines with match to the environmental condition. These bulk of information, is then analysed, processed and rationalized.

Thinking of the up-coming years, our eyes will be displayed to twins getting expanded to more applications, use cases and industries and which will get combined with most advanced technologies such as speech capabilities, augmented reality.

 For an immersive experience, AI capabilities, more technologies enable us to look inside the digital twin removing the way to go and check the ‘real’ thing.

Posted by Prayan Aug 14, 2018

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