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How Chatbots can improve Customer Service


The backbone of any company whether a small scale or large scale companies are the “Customers”. No company will exist without a single customer.

Everyone in this world are busy, and we don’t have the patience to wait for fraction of seconds. World itself is fully automated and we expect sudden result from anything anywhere. When coming back to Digital mediums, Chatbots plays a crucial role. They give you the proper answer in short span of time.

Chatbots are considered as the virtual man to speed up the branding of your company. Integrating Chatbots to your websites helps to;

1. Attract Customer by reducing the response time: Customer want the response in no time. Get your problem solved without no longer waiting for a period of time. Chatbots gives you the proper response in proper time taking care of your customers.

2. Increase Customer Engagement in your Product: Make your customers stay back to your product without making them move back to your competitor. Engage your customers by giving interesting offers, products, coupon codes and much more.

3. Save Cost on serving your Customer: Single chatbot can perform the task of many customer service executives. It helps to move out the salary of a sales person, hardware and software cost and overall accuracy and quick response which directly reflects your brand value.

4. Reduces Human Errors: Chatbots are designed in a way to give proper response. They are given access to large set of information where they fetch the proper response accordingly to customer queries.

We all expects response  4*7 and chatbots are the only thing who can satisfy our needs. Bad customer service damages your brand identity. We are sick of calling customer care executives and waiting for their response. As per the research, around 855 of the customers are satisfies with the growth of Quick chat.

Do you want to have a chatbot implemented in your website, developers at Prayan Infotech are waiting to help you.


Posted by Prayan Aug 22, 2018

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