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Graphic Design Trends 2018 Predictions


The trends in graphic designing change annually and improve as well. Since there is not much time left in starting of 2018, we should know that what can be the possible trends in graphic designing next year. Following are the possibilities

Design and Style

This mainly includes the use of more geometric shapes and elements like they’re being used widely even now and won’t phase out any soon. Use of typography is going to rule over 2018 because its use is increasing and it is quite captivating to eyes, and it’s incredible how we can create unlimited styles out of it using our creativity. Choosing right font, font size, font bold and font spacing for your design is the key.

Authentic Pictures with Customized Graphics

As this trend is increasing now, we may see it rule more in future. Using the professional photos, we take and then using various geometric elements, fonts and other graphics elements as required results in charismatic visuals. Other than just using professional photographs, sketches made by hand can be used as well.

Loud and Bright Colors

Colors which tend to be dull get usually ignored because millions of images are being uploaded on social media every day. So using bright and colors which are popping out will make your image more prominent so we can expect usage of such colors for designing in 2018.

Destroying Art

We can expect the effect of destroying everything to create the eye-catching design in 2018. Designers are moving to use splashing, scratching or ripping off things to ruin aesthetics of anything and consider it modern.

One color 3D design

The representation of objects is shifting towards using the same color of background as the object. The usage of the same color actually is quite pleasing for eyes.

Looking forward to redefining your brand with the latest graphic trends? Prayan Infotech is here to take care of that and any other related issues.

Posted by Prayan Nov 13, 2017

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