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Dec 11, 2018

Google Playstore Vs App Store. Which is the best to develop your app?

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This question is arising in the minds of developer, business or the end-users. Which platform is the best to build a mobile Application?

Thinking from the point of a developer, iOS Apps have its own advantages. But when thinking from a client perspective, the development cost of building an iOS Application is much higher than developing Android Application.

Take a look at the difference between App Store and Playstore;

1. When compared to Playstore, Appstore has a much higher count of paid apps. Taking an average it’s about to 2.6 Mn apps in Apple Store where about 15% of the apps are paid. Common applications are billed at a rate of $1.2 and its 0.49 for gaming applications.

2. Images are the main central point of attraction from the end-user perspective. In Appstore, the images are displayed in the first fold itself whereas in Playstore, it lies in the second fold making a feel of images being hidden from the application user.

3. When comes to exploring more details about the app, It’s more the number of users viewing the videos and other details in Appstore when compared to Google playstore. The Apple video length ranges from 15 to 30 secs with more likeliness in the videos.

4. In case of iOS, the first two lines describe the overall working of the application but in case of Android, it gives users a tendency to click on read more.

5. When it comes to security, App store is more advanced and they don’t dump unwanted apps in their store. Compared to Playstore, App store takes more days to make the app certifies to make it live in the store without compromising the security of the app store and the device which installs the application.

Overall taking into account, Google Play Store is considered to be user-friendly than App store. Though Apple Store defines better security, finally it is the Google Play Store that allows the developer to test their apps and upload it even when it is in the testing stage

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