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Full Stack Development Booming in the IT Industry


Full Stack Developer, a multi tasked who knows the whole universe of both Front-end and Back-end Technology is best known as a Full Stack Developer. The word full stack developer is applicable for developers who is expert in all the layers of an application.

Are you running a start-up business or are you planning to hire resource for your It Team, just think once more. The first priority you need to give when hiring the resource is the Full Stack Developer. “One resource for many jobs“, should be the idea of a business person.

This motto makes the Full Stack Developers to rush out in the IT Industry. Thinking from the company side, full stack developers are the important center of their company. The reason for this are;

  1. A single full stack developer will be equal to collaboration of designer, developer and tester
  2. Assigning a full stack developer for a project eliminates all the technical issues throughout the project lifecycle by giving a unique and valid solutions
  3. One resource instead of many resource generates profit in means of hardware, software and manpower.
  4. When compared to other developers, Full Stack developers are highly adaptable. They are open to move from one domain to another.

Are you a full stack developer, then you will have 100 times chances to get hunted by companies when compared to other developers? It’s better to start the life of full stack developer from a start-up company. You will be the head of the department and brain of the company. Start as a generalist and grow as a specialist, which will result into a Full Stack Developer.

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Posted by Prayan Jul 17, 2018

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