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Best Programming Languages for Mobile Application Development


A few days ago, I was having an informal conversation with a business consultant about launching a virtual restaurant that offers food at your doorstep just like Uber and Careem provide transport. What we concluded was that mobile application development was the greatest challenge in that business plan. Why? Well, it’s time-consuming and requires a lot of work in the testing phase to ensure its functionality and usefulness.

While websites are there to help businesses compete on a larger scale, mobile applications provide that essential interface to take the interaction with the audience to the next level. However, there are many factors to consider when developing your app to ensure that your clients get a pleasant experience out of it. Different operating systems, screen sizes, app size, and compatibility with various devices are just a few to mention. These issues make the choice of programming language important in this case. After all, it is quite possible with a wrong choice that you end up spending hours on a task that could be done in a single line using some other language.

To help you get started, some of the best choices are mentioned below.

Java is highly regarding as the best choice for android app development. It works equally well on virtual machines as it works on a browser. This flexibility means that Java can allow you make apps compatible on various platforms at the same time. However, if your target is iOS, Swift is a better choice.

While there are many options for Android, Swift offers mobile app development for iOS operating system. It was created by Apple to overcome security problems and provide high-performing apps easily. What makes this language even more popular is its open-source nature. This means that you can easily see and modify Swift’s source code to meet your requirements.

PHP has the syntax quite similar to other C-based languages. While it is a bit slower, the flexibility and object-oriented feature make it a really great choice. If you are trying to get your ideal mobile app results by integrating some unique features, PHP is what you need.

Python is perhaps the easiest language to learn and apply. Python is well-known for being a one-stop solution for wide range of applications including mobile apps, data sciences and even web development. What contributed most to its popularity is the investment of Google over the past decade. Instagram and Pinterest are a few products of Python.

Choosing the right programming language is just a small step towards Best Programming conpany in India serving greatmobile app. We, at Prayan InfoTech, look after all the stages of this process from user interface and essential features to the final launch. Contact us today to learn more about mobile app development.

Posted by Prayan Sep 20, 2017

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