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ASP.Net or PHP: Making the Choice


Are you looking to build an application or do you have a project in your hand? Then the next question is which technology you should choose for the right development. The answer for this depends on the features of the project, experience and cost.

Finally if you have end up with ASP.NET and PHP , then how you can proceed and which technology you will end up.

Microsoft ASP.NET

An open source server side web application framework for developing high performance dynamic web pages. The development language kit for the open source ASP.NET includes VB.NET, C#, C#.NET, and F#, and uses tools like Visual Studio.


Hypertext pre-processor is also server side scripting language build for web development.Which is compatible with servers running on Linux, mac, or Windows, and comes with a syntax similar to C and C++ languages. PHP is free to use, and a large community backing it with technical support.

Choosing between ASP.NET and PHP

To come into a conclusion, it’s better to compare the major aspects of both ASP.NET and PHP.


Scalability of a language can be distinguished based on some of the criteria:

  1. Developer Experience
  2. Coding Standards
  3. Framework Selection
  4. Industry Standards and programming guidelines


Performance and speed of a website or web app depends on the platform we choose. PHP sites and ASP.NET sites balance each other when it comes to performance as both are capable of running routine processes and delivering desired results quickly.

Considering the response time of a website, it also depends on various other factors like database server, end-user’s computer hardware power and bandwidth. For the application to possess considerable speed, the code should be written well and the architecture should be implemented the right way.


In the case of support, PHP is slightly at higher pitch owing a larger pool of developers and an ever-growing community. ASP.NET is not far behind as Microsoft invests a lot in supporting most of its technologies for website and software development, and the community is also helpful as the ASP.NET community. For developers with technical queries, the PHP community would still respond faster owing to its sheer volume of dedicated developers.


Comparing the budget PHP is free of cost open source software and despite the open source license, ASP.NET is still a Microsoft product and there are obviously going to be associated costs. ASP.NET requires Windows OS running on the machine, which was considered to be more expensive than using the open source Linux OS which PHP supports. However, Microsoft’s recently made Windows hosting much less costly – now almost equivalent to the expense of Linux hosting.


While PHP is ideal for smaller business websites, billing websites, and startups, ASP.NET is what companies rely on for enterprise-level websites and ERP apps. ASP.NET can also be used to build enterprise-class CRM systems, while PHP can be used for less complex CRMs.


All these point will decide the best suitable language for your application/website development. Still you are stuck with selecting a language for your project, our experienced developers are ready to help you.

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Posted by Prayan Sep 10, 2018

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