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Are you ready to Shift to Angular 6?


Angular is one of the most famous JS framework for developing web and mobile apps. Among all the versions of Angular, Angular 6 is updated with many more features. Moving onto Angular 6, this version focus more on tooling and support rather than the framework. The new updates reflected in Angular 6 are;

  1. Angular Elements

Angular 6 fully supports all the elements package. This version allows us to use all the web components that are supported by all the modern web browsers. Using the updated elements package, you can start creating Angular components and publish them as web components which can be used in any HTML pages.

  1. Component Dev Kit

The CDK released in December 2017 is now updated by the Angular team with really amazing improvements in the 6th version. Without depending on the Angular Material Library, you can now build your own Library of UI components.

  1. Web Pack

Web pack Bundler is now running in version 4. Modules can now be broken into smaller components using the scope hosting technique.

  1. Multiple Form validations

Angular 6 has come up with a newly and great advantage in using Form Builders. It now allows us to pass multiple validators to the Form Builder. Modules can now be broken into smaller components using the scope hosting technique.

  1. Tree Shakable Providers

This is the one main highlighted feature Angular 6 has introduced. It provides a way to define services and other things that are to be used by Angular’s dependency injection to improve the performance of an Angular Application.

Angular 6 in all its way, demands you to use and realize the new features and improvements. Some feature stay back and some many need further improvements. At Prayan Infotech, we are updated with the latest versions and Technologies.

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Posted by Prayan Jul 25, 2018

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