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Define your style with
Prayan Infotech

We can create gorgeous, intuitive, and robust user friendly websites that will define you or your business for years to come

Go mobile or get left behind.

Smart devices are the future, and with our Android and iOS app development services, you can be sure that your business stays ahead of the game.

Build a legacy that will live forever.

Our team has been carefully assembled from the best forward-thinking minds around. New ideas spell new business, and good business spells longevity.

Make yourself the first and
only choice for your customers

Our crack team of SEO specialists will make sure that your company is as easy for your customer to find as it can be - existing, and potential.


Web Development

In a world where everyone has a website, and DIY services dominate the market, you need to be sure that by investing in a best web development company in India , you’re getting a lot more. Prayan’s website design services are spearheaded by a team of creative and talented individuals with a proven track record in creating beautifully designed websites that have delivered superior return on investment for our clients.


Mobile Applications

Not having a mobile application, or mobile optimized website is only going to disadvantage you in the marketplace. But don’t worry, because Prayan specialise as a mobile application development company in India, and also as a responsive web design company, which means that we can make sure your customers have the same great experience whether they’re browsing on their computer, tablet, or phone.



Prayan’s dedicated Animation department have a wealth of experience in creating animations, videos, and graphics. We combine the style, elegance, and skill that only comes from such experience, to produce work of the highest standards, which means you can leave your competition in the dust both on, and off screen. We’re able to adapt our style to match any marketing scheme, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Who are Prayan Infotech?

Prayan Infotech, at its core, is a web development company based in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, kerala, India. Web development and design is more than just code on a page to us. We’re passionate about helping to build brands, define companies, and above all else, provide an unrivalled digital experience to your customers.

Our services include web design and web development, but beyond that, we’re experts in mobile application development, search engine optimization, and responsive web design. As both an Android app development company, and an iPhone app development company in India, there’s nothing that’s out of our field of expertise, or the limits of your imagination. We dive into every new project with the enthusiasm that we had on our very first, because at the heart of it all, we love helping businesses and individuals to achieve the results they deserve. Our talented team ensures a fast and quality services that will exceed expectations from the start, and give you the edge you need to beat the competition.

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Meet The Team

The talented individuals who make Prayan the paradigm of quality and professionalism

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Our Philosophy

We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our minds, and keep it there at all times. We know that your business, and by extension, your website, and everything else that goes with it, is a representation of you. Which is why we can suggest, create, envisage, and dream, but at the end of the day, what happens with your work, is up to you.

As a web development company in India, our website design services and mobile app development services are intrinsic to keep our business going, and we can only do that by making sure your business keeps going too. Our objective to deliver optimised, attractive, reliable, and efficient content and services to you, the client, and then push forward with them, converting them to business leads and ultimately, profits.

Your security and privacy protection is of the utmost importance to us, and we put as much effort into making sure your data and business is safe, as we do with any other part of our service. At the centre of our entire company is you, the customer, and that’s where you’ll always remain. You can trust in Prayan, and we’re happy to prove that by providing you with great service for years to come.



Customer Satisfaction


Achieve Goals


Share People


Dedicated Support

Our Services

With a way array of options at your fingertips, just click, sit back, relax, and we’ll do the rest


Web Applications

Web Apps are the future of websites, and we’re on the cutting edge. With their success dependant on user experience, web apps add functionality to your website, which allows users to experience your company without even getting in touch, sampling services, viewing products, or generating quotes at their leisure.


Web Designing

Our website design services are especially tailored to deliver your dream website. A stunning, user friendly website is imperative for engaging visitors and converting them. Our marketing team are always working on new ways to make sure this happens as often as possible.


Android App Development

Prayan are an Android app development company in India in every sense of the word. We can design and build beautiful applications that will allow your customers to experience a full range of your services or products without having to navigate web pages or download information.


iOS App Development

Prayan know that iPhones and iPads still dominate the smart device market, and in answer to that are a specialized iPhone app development company in India. Building slick and gorgeous apps for iPhones is what we do, and your customers will love us for it


SEO and Digital marketing

Prayan have a proven track record of successful digital marketing campaigns and SEO optimizations. These the finicky cogs turning behind the scenes, making the modern business world run. Having top notch SEO is invaluable these days. It’s no small feat, but we’re really good at doing it!



Turning an idea into a mesmerizing moving graphic is what we do best. Colourful, entertaining animations are a great way to grab the attention of your customers. But not to worry if you don’t have any ideas, because we can help you out with that.

We know your business doesn’t end with the last line of code on your website, so neither do we.

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